Co-curricular Activities

                                                  KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA KALIMPONG



Celebrated from 23.08.2018 to 29.08.2018

In accordance with the directions of the letter issued on 14 August 2018, Kendriya Vidyalaya Kalimpong has organized SANSKRIT SAPTAH SAMAROH on its campus. The entire assembly programme from 23 August 2018 to 29 August 2018 was conducted in Sanskrit only --- be it pledge, word, thought, or news. On 23 August 2018 Sanskrit Shloka Paath was organized in which students participated and recited some profoundly meaningful Shlokas.

On 24 August 2018 quiz was organized in Sanskrit in which TGT SANSKRIT MrPalashSarkar prepared questions in Sanskrit and acted as the quiz master and the students responded in Sanskrit only. The quiz in Sanskrit (Prashnottari) was conducted in three rounds.

On 25 August 2018 Sanskrit Kathavachan with the help of power point presentation was conducted in Chemistry Lab where Projector was available. The students participated with all their zeal and inquisitiveness. The story “SUDAMA CHARIT” was shown to the students on the projector. The story lasted for 35 minutes. 

On 27 August 2018 group song in Sanskrit (SamoohGaan) was organized in which students were in three groups and each group sang in Sanskrit before the audience and judges. First position was grabbed by class VIII, Second position was grabbed by class VII and class VI got third position.

On 28 August 2018 Essay Competition in Sanskrit (NibandhLekhan) was organized in which students participated and wrote wonderful essays.RashiBhardwaj from class VII got first position, ShriddhishaTamang from class VI got second position and Roushani Singh from class VIII got third position in the essay competition in Sanskrit.

On 29 August 2018 drama in Sanskrit was staged by the students of VI to XII. The drama went on for ten minutes. The Principal of the school Mr. A.K. Panigrahi was also present to witness the event and applauded the students for their lively performance  at the end of the programme. He congratulated all the participants for their meaningful performance and also TGT Sanskrit Mr. Palash Sarkar for making this event possible as well as appreciable. The Principal appreciated the orchestrated efforts of C.C.A Incharge, associate C.C.A Incharge Mr.Satyabrata Jaisawar and T.G.T Sanskrit Mr. Palash Sarkar who worked in tandem with each other and executed the plane meticulously.

केंद्रीयविद्यालयः कालिम्पोंगः

संस्कृतः सप्ताह- समारोहः”

वर्षः- 2018- 19

संस्कृतः सप्ताह-समारोहः कार्यक्रमे  केंद्रीयविद्यालयः कालिम्पोंगे दिनांकः 23/08/2018 तः 29/08/2018 पर्यंतम् निर्देशानुसारम् क्रमानुसारम् च समग्रकार्याणि सम्पुर्णाः जाताः ।

येषाम् विवरणसूचिः संति-----

क)     दिनांकः- 23/08/2018    ( श्लोकः वाचनम् ) ।

कक्षा-( vi -----viii)

प्रथमस्थानस्य अधिकारी – सागरः श्रीवास्तवः। (कक्षा- vi)

द्वितीयस्थानस्य अधिकारिणी—बिमला थापा । (कक्षा- viii)

तृतीयस्थानस्य अधिकारी- नवीनः कुमारः । (कक्षा- vi)

ख)    दिनांकः- 24/08/2018  ( प्रश्न- उत्तरिः पर्वः) ।

(कक्षा vi----- viii एवम् ix----xii)

प्रथमस्थानम्—कक्षा viii

द्वितीयस्थानम्- vi

तृतीयस्थानम्- vii

(Ix ------xii)

प्रथमस्थानम्- कक्षा- x

द्वितीयस्थानम्- कक्षा- ix

तृतीयस्थानम्- कक्षा- xi

ग)     दिनांकः 25/08/2018 (कथावाचनम्) ।

कथा- सुदामा चरितम्

घ)     दिनांकः- 27/08/2018 (समूहः गीतम्) ।

कक्षा- vi तः viii

प्रथमस्थानम्—कक्षा- viii

द्वितीयस्थानम्- कक्षा- vii

तृतीयस्थानम्- कक्षा- vi

ङ)     दिनांकः- 28/08/2018 (निबंध- लेखनम्) ।

प्रथमस्थानम् – राशी भरद्वाज (कक्षा- vii)

द्वितीयस्थानम्- श्रीद्धिशा तमांग ।( कक्षा- vi)

तृतीयस्थाम्- रौशनी सिंह । (कक्षा- viii)

च)    दिनांकः- 29/08/2018  ( दृश्यकाव्यम् )

प्राचीनम् अहम् ( ब्यांगात्मकम् ) ।

कक्षा- vi तः xii

सर्वे प्रतिभागिणाम् कृते  कृतज्ञता स्वीकरोमि एवम् सर्वेभ्यः सुभेच्छा अभिनन्दनम् च विज्ञापयामि ।

पथनिर्देशकः- माननीयः- अनंतकुमारमहोदयः।


अध्यापकः-  पलाशः सरकारः  ।                                   प्राचार्यः-   माननीयःए0के0पानिग्राही  ।

                                                                                           दिनांकः- 29/08/2018